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May/December 2023 - Europe and North America, The Americas and the Middle East, Asia and Oceania

Three major international tours, led by dancers Amador Rojas (artistic director of SO-LA-NA), Yolanda Osuna and Paula Rodríguez, who will each perform accompanied by a group of renowned artists.

The tours will take place simultaneously, with very different geographical journeys, but in some cities in the United States the itineraries will cross, offering the American public the possibility of seeing two shows with different programmes and artists, taking advantage of the great success of last year's performances.


 EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA (12 May to 10 December): the dancer and choreographer Yolanda Osuna will perform in 13 cities in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, together with Juan Fernández (dance), Bernardo Miranda, Manu Soto and Cristina Tovar (vocals), Juan Marín, Miguel Pérez and Álvaro Mora (guitar) and Juan Diego Sáez (saxophone).


LAS AMERICAS (1 June to 3 December): the dancer and choreographer Amador Rojas will perform in 13 cities in Mexico, the United States, Canada and Colombia, together with Ángeles Gabaldón (dance), Diego Amador and Tomasa Peña (vocals), Paco Iglesias (guitar) and Luis Amador (percussion).


MIDDLE EAST, ASIA AND OCEANIA (2 June to 3 December): the dancer and choreographer Paula Rodríguez will perform in 12 cities in Singapore, South Korea, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, together with José El Escarpín (dance), Jonathan Reyes and José del Calli (vocals), Ángel Flores and Antonio Jiménez (guitar) and Manuel Reyes (percussion).


Produced by SO-LA-NA.

September/November 2022- New York, Washington Dc and Dallas

7 great Flamenco artists on stage, in a "non-stop" show lasting about 65 minutes, each one of whom is a leading figure in their specialty.

The most racial dance with Amador Rojas and Yolanda Osuna, on guitar, "Bordón Minero" José Tomás Jiménez, singing by Manu Soto and Bernardo Miranda, saxophone and flute by Sergio de Lope, "Filón" for best instrumentalist in cante de la Minas and Lolo Plantón on percussion.


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