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The magic of flamenco

at Teatro Real Dance Hall in Madrid

Flamenco Real 6th Anniversary: 18 October 2023 to 19 July 2024





They promote and produce








Real Flamenco: Also a Corporate Proposal


Flamenco Real offers to the business community, is its VI Edition 2023/24,

the best possible corporate hospitality & branding proposal.


be part of Flamenco Real it means living and offering, to its clients and guests, a unique experience in a privileged place, the Royal Theater, considered the first institution of the performing arts and music in Spain.

Art and gastronomy come together to enjoy the best flamenco art throughout 10 private events y exclusivos

from October 2023 to July 24.

All this accompanied by a presence and repercussion in the media: audiovisual, written and digital, used to spread Flamenco Real.



4 powerful reasons to be part of Flamenco Real



It makes it possible to live an exclusive and unforgettable experience for your clients, your guests. It shows the orientation and generosity of the company, contributing to the consolidation of professional and personal relationships.


It enables the generation of new business through relationships with other companies and with their guests throughout the season.


Recognition for the presence of the brand in all the communication media and supports used throughout the 6th Edition.


Support for the most international Spanish art and culture FLAMENCO, which also allows you to benefit from a 35% tax deduction in the chosen contribution, as it is considered a donation through the Teatro Real Foundation.


Real Flamenco, the Flamenco of Companies


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Our Clients endorse us

“Flamenco Real allows us to thank our collaborators and clients for their trust, enjoying with them a memorable and unique experience, through the best flamenco and gastronomy at the Teatro Real”

Jorge Alvargonzález
Ership Commercial Director

“Flamenco Real is for us the best way to share art and culture with our clients and collaborators, in a unique and exclusive setting. The experience they live is absolutely memorable”

Santiago Muñoz-Chápuli Oriol
Founding Partner ON Solutions

“Flamenco Real is the perfect space to promote Spanish culture and strengthen the strategic alliances of any organization”

Estefanía Somoza
Redexis Foundation Manager

“Our collaboration with Flamenco Real, since its creation, has allowed us to strengthen the bond with clients and friends, who leave delighted after enjoying an experience that is remembered. Bringing together in the same event the promotion of such a popular art that is so much ours, with the cultural and distinguished touch of the Royal Theater is an excellent combination, original and different, of which we like to feel a part”

Plácido Fajardo
Founder and Managing Partner of Leaderland

“The Real Flamenco nights have turned out to be one of the most profitable and fun sponsorships that we have done in our company to date. Our clients have been fascinated by the exclusivity of dining inside such an emblematic building, in such important rooms, the proximity to world-class flamenco artists, as well as an exquisite dinner. The clients are very grateful for the invitation, leaving them with a very nice memory of the experience”

José Néstola
CEO of Copernicus

"Art, Culture, Entertainment, Fun, Flamenco, Hospitality, Teatro Real... There are no more ingredients in the cocktail shaker to make Flamenco Real one of the best corporate experiences for us and our clients at the moment. Proud to be part of it".

Alvaro Canelo Sampelayo

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Presentation VI Season 2023 /24


The next 18 October the Teatro Real, in co-production with SO-LA-NA, will inaugurate the sixth season of Flamenco Real Once again this year, it will focus on the most renowned dancers of today and their different and enriching ways of interpreting the tradition of flamenco dance, always accompanied by prestigious musicians and singers.

The performances will take place in the Salón de Baile of the Teatro Real, already consolidated as a flamenco venue in the city and where every month, under its starry sky, one of the stars of the programme will shine to offer three performances of the same show, on consecutive days - always on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - at 19.00.

Artists who have enjoyed the complicity and applause of the audience at the Real will return to the stage, such as El Yiyo, Eduardo Guerrero, Yolanda Osuna, Marco Flores, Ángeles Gabaldón, Daniel Casares and El Farru, and the bailaoras will make their debut at the Real Olga Llorente and Paula Rodríguez. The only starring exception to the dance will be Daniel Casares a guitarist of enormous international renown, whose technical virtuosity and mastery we witnessed last season with his Magiterráneo.

Release dates:
- 21 September: Olga Llorente, Daniel Casares and El Yiyo
- 16 November: rest of the season

All of them are united by the invisible bond of tradition, where the deep roots of flamenco mark the way, but their unique personalities, their new looks, their desire to explore, their games and sensitivities, mean that in each encounter the spectator finds different forms of expression and new proposals in an ancient art.

The cycle Flamenco Real is part of the policy of promoting and defending flamenco undertaken by the Teatro Real which, as well as incorporating it into its audiovisual platform MyOperaPlayer, is organising international tours which, under the name of Authentic Flamencocurrently has more than 400 performances scheduled in 39 cities in 15 countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania.

See completed shows of the season 2019/20 , 2020/21 2021/22 and 22/23

Flamenco Real is a production of

SO-LA-NA with the Teatro Real de Madrid.

SO-LA-NA. Entertainment is a benchmark in the creation and production of exclusive shows. We develop experiences that transcend the art of flamenco, the performing arts and musicals in general, pursuing uniqueness, brilliance and authenticity.

Privacy policy of Flamenco Real, S.L.

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