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Ronald Baker

Voice and trumpet

Ronald Baker was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1968. He studied trumpet at the School of Arts in his hometown, Baltimore.

He arrived in France in 1992, and soon established himself as an acclaimed trumpeter and singer. Ronald has performed with great artists such as Lou Donaldson, Curtis Fuller, Red Halloway, Jesse Davis and Antonio Hart, among others.


  • Ronald Baker - Trumpet and Voice
  • Gerard Nieto - Piano
  • Ignasi González - Double Bass
  • Xavi Hijinosa - Drums

Rick Margitza

tenor sax

Rick Margitza (1961, Dearborn, Michigan) was born and grew up surrounded by music. His Hungarian grandfather on his father’s side played the violin, the same as his father, who was part of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

He has toured with very famous artists such as Maynard Ferguson, Flora Purim, Miles Davis, Eddy Gómez, McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea, among others. His main references are Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane and Michael Brecker. He also composes classical pieces, such as his concerto for saxophone and orchestra, as well as two symphonies.


  • Rick Margitza - tenor sax
  • Pierre de Bethman - Piano
  • Daryll Hall - Double Bass
  • Andrea Michelutti - Drums

Tricia Evy


This singer from the Virgin Islands was raised in the Caribbean and then moved to Paris where she fell in love with jazz.

In 2010 Tricia Evy released her first album, "Beginning". Today, critics regard Tricia as one of the best Afro-American Jazz voices alive. Her ability to fuse diverse genres into Jazz has earned her the respect and recognition from both her peers and Jazz enthusiast worldwide.


  • Tricia Evy -Voice
  • Pere Loewe - Piano
  • Joan Monne - Double Bass
  • Rober Gutierrez - Drums

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