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Farruquito y Amigos

Production SO-LA-NA

Farruquito at the Teatro Real surrounded by friends and family - 1hr 53 min.

In this unprecedented show,

Farruquito stops at the Teatro Real.

He surrounds himself with great friends and family to express who he is and show the most personal part of himself. With his great friends, Ketama, Antonio Canales, Antonio Rey and Pepe de Lucía, and also with his mother, the bailaora "La Farruca", he will relive the best moments of the different periods of flamenco that he has had the good fortune to experience to enhance them with the influence and essential strength of those who accompany him. A flamenco show that made history at the Teatro Real. Recorded on July 9, 2021.

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flamenco 21.0

13 documentary series

with Protagonists, Lives, Experts, Craftsmen and Duende - 30 min. chapter

A new brilliant, brave and different

documentary series about Flamenco.

In each of our chapters we count on outstanding guests. We travel around the geography of flamenco visiting the most significant cities and regions of Spain and we also travel to faraway places to meet flamenco fans, Japan and Russia, Mexico, Argentina and Iran, as well as those compatriots who sing, clap and dance daily on stages around the world.

We visit venues, Exhibitions and local Flamenco shows to capture the opinion of flamenco fans from both Spain and all over the world. We discover the roots and mysteries of classic songs and search for the best schools and artist around.

The luthiers are present too, as well as the tailors, the shoemakers who manufacture and decorate our artists, but that won’t stop us from snooping and butting in bars, inns - the most modest flamenco clubs - neighbourhoods and suburbs.

‘Flamenco Real’ concert series at Teatro Real in Madrid produced by SO-LA-NA, as well as the interviews with those who we consider "senators" of flamenco knowledge are a must see. In addition, philosophers, athletes, actors, photographers, painters, politicians, innkeepers, garbage dumpsters, coupon sellers, ghosts, banderilleros, architects, businessmen and other flamenco experts appear on our shows too.

We shall not give away anymore clues. Welcome to Flamenco Siglo 21.


SO-LA-NA productions.

Flamenco around the most emblematic lighthouses in Spain, 60 min. 60 min.

The poetry of the lighthouse

Faro is a 60-minute flamenco show inspired by the lighthouse's poetry.

This show was created in 2017 to be performed in the most emblematic lighthouses in Spain. Fortunately, these majestic performances were captures on camera for posterity.

Starting in the north, we travelled from the Asturian Faro de Peñas, visiting Avilés to the Faro de la Cerda in Santander; We continue to the south from El Rompido in Huelva to Sacratif in Granada, we also toured east where we took stops on the way from Cartagena to Tarragona to finish in Cádiz, which lighthouse remains among the earliest childhood memories of Eduardo Guerrero, dancer and the show protagonist.

Faro shows scenes of storms and splendid sunrises, farewells and joyous encounters, witness to countless battles and magical celebrations, the lighthouses welcome Eduardo Guerrero's dance the same way it welcomes spectacular sunsets. Faro does not follow a script, during the show we simply enjoy different flamenco styles and adaptations of mythical songs that have been inspired by the lighthouse sceneries. In ‘Faro’ different musical representations are followed by Eduardo's dancing in a way that the show unfolds in crescendo. It has been composed using a concise and blank scenography to highlight the colours in the costumes and the magnificent and precise choreography.

The slenderness and elegance of the lighthouse image fits in with Eduardo’s looks just as nicely as the sea and the waves it illuminates.

Las Minas Puerto Flamenco

Co-produced with RTVE

A Marca España show that has toured the world since 2015, 100 min.

100 minutes of "non stop" thrill

Las Minas Puerto Flamenco performance lasts over 100 minutes. Each artist is given the opportunity to demonstrate their unique skill and talent and the reason why they have been selected prize winners at the International Festival of Cante de las Minas. This festival commemorates the minero-levantinos songs originated in 19th century mostly from Andalusian native miners in the mining mountains of Cartagena-La Unión.

The show includes thirteen artists on stage, each of whom is a leading artist in his/her field.

This show full of sensitivity and scenery reviews the history of flamenco travelling through the ports of the world, interacting with many different beats such as habaneras, colombianas, rondeñas, vidalitas, milongas or guajiras, which mix and merge with flamenco soleás, tanguillos, alegrías and bulerías.

In 1984 the International Festival of Cante de las Minas was declared national tourist interest, and Cantes Mineros y de Levante were declared Intangible Asset of Cultural Interest in 2010. In November 2010, in addition, flamenco art was declared ‘Intangible cultural heritage' by UNESCO.

In 2011 the show was awarded ‘Premio a la Difusión de la Música’ by the Music Academy and it represents the only flamenco Festival which officially qualifies as Marca España.

Among the prizes awarded at this festival and according to the relevance, we feature: Lámpara Minera, Bordón Minero, Trofeo desplante and Premio Filón.


SO-LA-NA productions.

Man and God, 60 min.

Man-made suffering

Sevillian bailaor Amador Rojas brings this show alive expressing through his dance an allegory of human suffering triggered by mankind and the need for God to intervene.

The allegory tells about how the God of the Sea needs to demonstrate his power over humans, although he does not really want to reveal his might because it will lead him to lose his kingdom. Poseidon knows that he will eventually have to reveal his might in order to relieve mankind from its own torment.

Poseidon will reveal himself to humans in one last action of life and death to merge with humans and do justice.

Audiovisual production,

at the heart of our work.

For the emotion of flamenco to reach

all corners of the world.

SO-LA-NA. Entertainment is a benchmark in the creation and production of exclusive shows. We develop experiences that transcend the art of flamenco, the performing arts and musicals in general, pursuing uniqueness, brilliance and authenticity.

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