Flamenco Real

Dos pases, 19:30 y 22:00 hrs - Teatro Real de Madrid

Opening of doors and welcome wine 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
Duration 60 min. (Approx)


"Flamenco de raíz"

4 de marzo 19:30 y 22:00 hrs


Iván Vargas has designed the show Flamenco de Raíz (Flamenco Roots) performing his own choreographies as well as choreographies from top dancers Manolete and Juan Andrés Maya. Two Granada generations of dancers and singers come together to shape an emotional and nuanced show where both artists resemble their nurturing teachers (maestros) and pillars who have forged their careers. Different choreographies follow to perform a plot based in Granada about the foundations of flamenco from the legendary neighbourhood of Sacromonte. Without a doubt, a show that will give a lot to talk about in the current flamenco scene.

""His dance is a dance of pinching and finishing off, of tapping, with few silences and a lot of strength. [...] In flamenco dancing, there is a difference between looking and seeing what you are experiencing. For Vargas, who is a cyclone taken directly from Cueva La Rocío, seeing means going beyond a mere impression or reception. To look, just happens, but to see takes us to places, it leads us to a greater interiorization. And here is where Ivan Vargas merit lies, he who has grown the ability to see, establishing a deep connection between gaze and space, to enable us to witness moments of a gypsy festivity, where only a dance from the roots captures the true meaning of what we are experiencing. This is, if we were to see the same dance tomorrow, his dancing would seem different. And that is what we call Art"".– SO-LA-NA.


Iván Vargas

Guest artist (sing):
Kiki Morente

Joni Cortés

Luis Cortés

Miguel Rodríguez Hernández 'El Cheyenne'

Dada la actual normativa de seguridad sanitaria se ha cambiado la configuración del Salón de Baile de Isabel II; las sillas y mesas con vino español, semejando a un tablao en las ediciones anteriores, se ha sustituido por butacas dispuestas en semicírculo, como un auditorio, de las que se ocuparán apenas 130 asientos (40% del aforo). Habrá doble sesión y se ha añadido una categoría de localidades a precio reducido y rebajado los precios un 15% en relación a 1º y 2º temporadas para facilitar el disfrute de este arte al mayor número de personas.

* El espectáculo incluye un vino de bienvenida.
Apertura de puertas y vino de bienvenida en Salón Arrieta - 19:00 y 21:30 hrs
Comienzo del espectáculo - 19:30 y 22:00 hrs


Premium Zone - 65,00€/asiento

Zona A - 55,00€

Zona B - 35,00€

Zona C* - 25,00€

*Lower visibility


Discounts available only on the web: teatroreal.es, ticket offices and 902 24 48 48

How to get to Teatro Real?

The Teatro Real is located in Plaza Isabel II s / n, in the heart of Madrid. The best way to access Teatro Real is by public transport, as sometimes traffic makes the access to Madrid city centre difficult, especially during Christmas.

  • Metro
    • Opera: lines 2, 5 and Ramal Ópera - Principe Pío.
    • Sol: lines 1, 2 and 3.
  • Buses
    • Plaza de Isabel II: lines 3, 25 and 39.
    • Sol: lines 5, 15, 20, 50, 51, 52, 53 and 150.
    • Calle Mayor: line 3.
    • Plaza Callao: lines 44, 75, 133, 146, 147 and 148.
    • Plaza de Santo Domingo: lines 1, 2, 46 and 74.
    • Plaza Mayor: lines 17, 18, 23, 31, 35 and 65.

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