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August 7, 8 and 9 - Trips Summer Club, La Manga

7 great Flamenco artists on stage, in a "non-stop" show lasting about 65 minutes, each one of whom is a leading figure in their specialty.

The most racial dance with Amador Rojas and Yolanda Osuna, on guitar, "Bordón Minero" José Tomás Jiménez, singing by Manu Soto and Bernardo Miranda, saxophone and flute by Sergio de Lope, "Filón" for best instrumentalist in cante de la Minas and Lolo Plantón on percussion.

A night you will never forget!

Show ticket + drink: 29€.
Show ticket + dinner (minimum 2 persons): 59€.

Book your ticket or ticket + dinner by sending an email to or by calling 968 146 215.

If you are a company and want to reserve a table for 8 people, send an email to:


August 14 and 15 - Trips Summer Club, La Manga

20 great flamenco artists in an unpublished production

The best dance with Antonio Canales, Eduardo Guerrero, Yolanda Osuna and Amador Rojas. The best singing with Ricardo Fernández Del Moral (Sing and Guitar), David Palomar, El Mati, Anabel Rivera, Manu Soto, Bernardo Miranda. The best guitars with José Tomás Jiménez, El Niño Seve and Javier Ibáñez. Music and percussion: Óscar de Manuel (Transverse flute), * Sergio de Lope (Saxophone and transverse flute), Juan Diego Sáez (Saxophone), Víctor Guadiana (Violin), Lolo Plantón (Flamenco Cajon) and * Javier Rabadán (Flamenco Cajon) , and costumes by Francis Montesinos.

The best amusing evening you can imagine!átula-Summer-Flamenco-Experience-1200x500.jpg

"Summer Flamenco Experience"

Port Adriano, Mallorca

summer 2018

SFE "Summer Flamenco Experience"

Port Adriano is one of the most exclusive marinas in the Mediterranean. SFE festival enabled the delighted visitors to experience the best flamenco over July and August 2018.

Over the summer months, we released more than 600 micro shows in different parts of the Marina Port Adriano. We also presented our show “La Minas Puerto Flamenco” on August 4, 2018, lining up with renowned artists such as Ara Malikian or Josep Carreras.

Summer Flamenco Experience

We produce exclusive experiences, our own festivals as well as for our clients

Born in Port Adriano in one of the most exclusive marinas in the Mediterranean. In August 2020 at Trips Summer Club (La Manga, Murcia), we managed to be the Event of the Summer, 20 artists, most of them awarded at the International Festival of Las Minas de La Union, performed while an exclusive dinner was served. Once again, this summer 2022 we will return to Trips Summer Club with 3 days of shows.

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